The PACC Curriculum


PACC offer young people a personalised curriculum. Each programme of study developed to meet the individual needs and interests of individual learners. Although there is a focus on developing skills within core subjects, PACC also have a firm belief in a broad and balanced curriculum offer.


The PACC curriculum currently consists of the following qualifications:

Core Subjects

Academic Subjects

Health, Wellbeing and Employability

Vocational Learning

English- Functional Skills E1-L2 and GCSE English Language


Maths - Functional Skills E1-L2 and GCSE


Science- ELC- GCSE

History- ELC

Geography- ELC

ICT- Functional Skills E1-L2



Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme (Award, Certificate, Diploma)


NOCN L1 Wellbeing (Award/Certificate)

CSCS Card and L1 Health and Safety in a Construction Environment


L1 First Aid

L1 Moving and Handling

L1 Fire Safety


Through offsite provision-

L1/2 Vocational courses

e.g. Bricklaying, Plastering, Tiling, Health and Social Care, BTEC Sport etc. (Individually agreed and arranged)


PACC have also offered bespoke GCSE packages including Health and Social Care, Media Studies, Humanities, Sociology, Sports Science/PE and Preparation for Working Life to students requiring a more challenging pathway.


Where PACC are unable to offer a relevant qualification to meet the needs of a student, PACC will aim to either create something in-house, or work with outside training providers and colleges to identify and provide an appropriate course and qualification.


Teaching and Learning


Teaching at PACC is usually done in small groups with high levels of adult support. In some cases, learners may access 1:1 sessions with a teacher or mentor for all or part of their timetable.

Teachers at PACC, where possible, aim to personalise the learning experience and differentiate by interest, as well as ability, for example core English skills may be delivered based on individual interests.

Classroom-based learning within the centre takes place in the mornings and consists of 4, 30 minute sessions. PACC believe that short, focused lessons give learners the best chance of success.

PACC also recognise that many learners arrive with significant gaps or barriers to learning and there is a sharp focus on closing the gap and offering appropriate interventions to build key skills in literacy and numeracy.

Curriculum Enrichment

A key element of PACC provision is an extensive enrichment and offsite education programme. Developing social skills, resilience, self-esteem, risk management and interpersonal skills are an essential part of the wider curriculum.

PACC offer the academic and classroom-based learning in the morning and a range of offsite activities and learning opportunities. The afternoon programme is a range of social activities, sports and physical education and learning outside the classroom.

Examples of afternoon activities:

Social- Bowling, Quasar Laser,

Sports/Physical Education- Golf, Override Skate Park, Squash, Football, Trampolining, Skiing/Snowboarding

Learning- Saltholme RSPB, Local History and nature visits


PACC also offer weekly full day sessions with a focus on outdoor education, confidence building and controlled risk.


Examples of weekly activities:

Adventure Sunderland- coastal outdoor activities e.g. surfing, paddle boarding, coast steering

Kingsway Outdoor Centre- survival skills, climbing, abseiling, cold water training, kayaking



Educational Visits- Centre for Life, Great North Museum, Beamish, Discovery Museum


Mountain Biking