Students in KS3 follow the Activate series designed to match the 2014 programme of study and help to prepare students for success at KS4. The following topic are taught throughout Years 7-9: working scientifically, particles and their behaviour, forces, cells, elements, atoms and compounds, light, space, reproduction, acids and alkalis, adaptation and inheritance, reactions, healthy lifestyle, separation techniques and electricity and magnetism.

British Values in Science

In Science, we strive to promote British values by integrating them throughout teaching. At KS3 the main areas are:

Enabling students to develop their self-knowledge through variation, genetics and inheritance

The cultural development of science is demonstrated by the evolution of scientific ideas such as Darwin’s theory of evolution. Experience awe and wonder at the different theories on the origins of the Universe


In KS4 students have a choice of two qualifications:

AQA Entry level certificate Science

This is a nationally recognised qualification, to give lower level learners the opportunity to achieve a certified award. The ELC science specification equips students with skills and knowledge transferable to both educational and career settings.

Open Awards level 1 Award and Certificate in Science

The primary purpose of this qualification is to prepare students for further learning/training and to develop skills in Science. It is designed to give students the transferable skills required to complete scientific investigations as well as the opportunity to cover a range of scientific theories and concepts. Students complete a mandatory unit in ‘scientific investigations’ and further units on the human body, acids, alkalis and pH and exploring our universe.