Summary and Analysis 2018-19

Windlestone School is successful because:

We are consistently one of the region’s top performing SEMH schools for students leaving us and achieving success in their further Education, Employment or Training.

This year we are number one of the ten closest SEMH schools for achieving successful transition to adulthood. This means we prepare students well for their life ahead. Last year we were also in the top three.

This year, 100% of our leavers achieved qualifications in English and maths.

All students achieved a range of qualifications including GCSE, BTEC, Functional Skills and various other accreditations ranging from entry level to level 2. Qualifications are available in academic subjects as well as vocational, practical and personal development. There are exciting plans to further develop the qualification offer within the curriculum and to achieve even more wonderful things this year!



  • In June 2019, 12 year 11 leavers completed their statutory education whilst registered with Windlestone School:
    • 8 (67%) of this group represent the Windlestone School cohort;
    • 1 (8%) represent the Stepping Stones cohort;
    • 3 (25%) represent the PACC leavers registered to Windlestone School.
  • Of the 8 Windlestone cohort students, 4 (50%) started their secondary education at the beginning of year 7 at Windlestone School and a further 1 student joined in the last term of year 7 (making 63% year 7 starters). 2 students started in year 8 and 1 started in year 9.
  • For the purposes of interpreting published school accountability data, it is worth noting that of the 12 students recorded as leavers, only 7 (58%) transitioned through the school from year 8 onwards (therefore excluding Stepping Stones and PACC).


English, maths & science (excluding PACC cohort)

  • 7 (78%) of leavers achieved qualifications in English, maths & a science
    • 9 (100%) of leavers achieved a qualification in English, 9 (100%) of leavers achieved a qualification in maths, 7 (78%) of leavers achieved a qualification in science
    • 2 (22%) students achieved a GCSE in English
    • 5 (56%) students achieved a GCSE in maths
    • 2 (22%) students achieved a GCSE in science
      • 2 (22%) of the students achieved a GCSE grade in English, maths and science
      • 2 (22%) of the students achieved a GCSE grade in English, maths, science and a level 2 qualification in IT.


Accredited Qualifications achieved (excluding PACC cohort)

  • The average number of accredited qualifications achieved by students of the Windlestone School cohort was 8
    • The range of qualifications achieved by this cohort was from 12 to 3
  • 2 (22%) Windlestone cohort students achieved 4 full course GCSEs including maths and English


Progress in English & maths (excluding PACC cohort)

  • 1 leavers exceeded their predicted (most probable) GCSE outcome in maths
  • 0 leavers achieved their predicted (most probable) GCSE outcome in English


Attendance & Transition (excluding PACC cohort)

  • 1 student had attendance over 90%
  • The average attendance of the 9 leavers was 68%
    • The average attendance was 75% excluding the student who became a school refuser
    • Of this cohort, attendance ranged from 13% to 91%
  • 7 (78%) of students had identified EET transitions 


Groups (excluding PACC cohort)

  • Given the small cohort sizes, groups such as those eligible for pupil premium funding, girls, looked after children (LAC),or resident students do not represent statistically significant populations:
    • 8 (89%) of the 9 leavers were eligible for Pupil Premium funding and the other student was LAC;
    • 1 leaver was a female (also the sole Stepping Stones leaver);
    • 1 leaver was resident as year 11 student


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