Windlestone School PSHE and Citizenship

In a school where students may have had a negative experience of society and may be challenged in terms of being able to express their emotions, PSHE and Citizenship are of central importance. In teaching these subjects effectively, we aim to foster a positive self-image, to improve emotional literacy and to encourage students to aspire and to fulfil their potential. The inability to express feelings often leads to stress which may cause young people either to become withdrawn or to lash out in frustration.

At Windlestone, we recognise the importance of providing our students with the tools to communicate effectively, including being able to tell others what they are thinking and feeling. Such self-awareness will then allow students to recognise and empathise with the feelings of others. We believe that young people who value themselves and their fellow citizens are more likely to become happy, well balanced and valuable members of society.

Throughout the PSHE programme, we deliver the key Citizenship values of developing social and moral responsibility, having opportunities for involvement in community activities and developing political literacy.

In Key Stage three

This year we are introducing the AQA Award scheme which allows students to study different units leading to either pre entry level or entry level qualifications. All work is differentiated in class through graded or personalised worksheets and the AQA award allows students to achieve at a variety of levels thereby differentiating by result.

Year 7

  • Personal qualities, feelings about ourselves, family, friends and relationships.
  • Keeping safe, what to do and where to get help in emergencies, helping others.
  • Health education, smoking and how to give up, healthy eating.
  • Sex education, puberty, looking after our changing bodies, sex and emotion, different levels of intimacy, how to say no and keep safe, development of the foetus.

Year 8

  • Friendship, understanding our feelings and those of others, bullying and conflict.
  • Health and hygiene, having a balanced diet, exercise and good use of leisure time.
  • Being responsible, crime and the law, looking after the environment.
  • Sex and responsibility, bringing up children, teenage pregnancy, contraception, STDs.

Year 9

  • Society and community, social responsibility, Britishness, race and community cohesion.
  • Homes, running a home, electricity and other safety issues, budgeting and managing money.
  • Drugs and drinking, facts, risks and how to keep safe.
  • Work, leisure, work life balance and use of leisure time, coping with stress.
  • Sex education, more detailed work on contraception, STDs and AIDS, keeping safe.

Key Stage Four

Students study for the AQA Certificate and Award.

The qualification can be delivered at five levels and students can study either four or seven of the following units:

  • Personal Action Planning.
  • Drugs Education.
  • Sex and Relationships Education.
  • Personal Finance.
  • Emotional Wellbeing.
  • Healthy Lifestyles.
  • Making Informed Career Choices.
  • Applying for Jobs and Courses
  • Work Relationships, Behaviour and Practices.
  • Personal Safety.
  • Being a Critical Consumer.
  • Diversity, Prejudice and Discrimination.