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History-What did the Romans do for us?


Geography-Where in the world are we?


History-What was life like before 1066?


History-How did we lose the Battle of Hastings?

Geography-Why does Italy quake and erupt?


History-Was Henry VIII a man or a monster?


Geography-How do our rivers and oceans work?


History-What caused the Great Plague 1665?


History-Was the Fire of London and accident or arson?


Geography-Why are so many crimes committed in the UK?


History-Why was life in Victorian times so hard?


History-What caused WWI?


History-What was the biggest killer in WWI?


Geography-How similar are India and the UK?


History-How did WWI cause WWII?

History-How did Germany lose WWII?


History-Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen?



Geography-Why were Nike a bad company to work for?


History-Who was the odd one out in the fight for Civil Rights?


Geography-Why are so many animals endangered?





GCSE History American West:


How difficult was it for early settlers of the west?


How did white Americans develop the plains?


Why were there so many conflicts between the Indians and the US Army?

Why were there so many conflicts between the Indians and the US Army?


GCSE History Medicine:


Why did so many people die in the middle ages?


Was there much improvement in medicine during the Renaissance period?

How did the Industrial period change the world forever?



How much has medicine improved in 2019 from the middle ages?


Why did so many soldiers die in WWI?





GCSE Russia and the Soviet Union:


Why did the Revolutions of 1917 happen?


How did the Bolsheviks maintain power for 7 years?



 How did Josef Stalin rise to power and stay in power?


What were the main economic and social changes in Russia between 1924-41?





GCSE Anglo Saxon and Norman Britain:


How did the Normans defeat the Saxons at Hastings in 1066?


How did William I secure power in England between 1066-87?

How did William establish England under Norman rule until 1088?

Exam revision of all 4 GCSE topics.