Roles & Responsibilities

Windlestone School Governors

The role of the Governing Body

The role of the Governing Body is to provide a strategic view, to act as a critical friend and to ensure accountability.

Governing Body:

Chair: David Ewart

Vice Chair: Christine Potts

The Chair of Governors can be contacted in confidence via the school by letter, this will be forwarded immediately to him by the office staff.

The clerk to the Governors is Ms Linda Ellison, Schools and Governors Support Service, County Hall, Durham (Telephone No. 03000 265704)

Elected Governors for the Academic Year 2018—2019

Dates for re-election

Mr Tim Bennett : Head Teacher                        (31/08/18)

Mrs Margaret Chappell : Co-Opted                 (03/12/18)

Mrs Michelle Dunn : Parent                               (23/03/19)

Mr David Ewart: Co-Opted                               (23/03/19)                                      

Mrs Pauline Hawes: Parent                                (01/09/21)

Mrs Lynne Jones: Co-Opted                               (11/07/21)

Mr Andrew Pickering Staff                              (18/12/21)

Councillor Christine Potts: Local Authority   (29/06/19)

Mrs Jill Robson: Co-Opted                                   (31/08/19)

Mrs Steph Tunstall: Co-Opted                          (23/03/19)

Mr Andrew Waddington: Co-Opted               (31/08/19)



Governing Sub Committees with roles and responsibilities:


Chair: Jill Robson

Members: Tim Bennett, Margaret Chappell, Michelle Dunn, David Ewart, Lynne Jones,  Andrew Waddington

Educational achievement, pupil welfare to include residence and extra-curricular activities:

  • Assess the breadth and appropriateness of the overall curriculum in relation to pupils’ needs
  • Form a view on the quality of learning and teaching
  • Understand the factors affecting pupils’ progress
  • Receive and consider explanations about educational achievement
  • Reflect on the contribution of spiritual, moral, social and cultural influences on education
  • Receive reports on welfare matters and, in particular, the contribution of residential opportunities to young people’s education
  • Assess the contribution of extra-curricular activities and the extended day to the lives of pupils


Acting Chair: David Ewart

Members: : Tim Bennett, Lynne Jones, Christine Potts, Jill Robson, Steph Tunstall

Finance, Property, Personnel and Service Agreements:

  • Receive information and reports relating to the school’s income
  • Oversee budget allocations, and expenditures through the year
  • Dis-aggregate income and expenditure for PACC, Stepping Stones and the school farm to allow conclusions about value for money to be drawn
  • Check effective systems are in place to ensure tight budgetary control and informed auditing
  • Receive reports on how the Pupil Premium and other allocations are spent
  • Receive and evaluate reports relating to school property, its maintenance and renovation
  • Oversee matters relating to employees’ pay and conditions
  • Receive and evaluate reports relating to service agreements
  • Make recommendations for the use of finance surplus


Chair: Andrew Waddington

Members: Tim Bennett, Margaret Chappell,  David Ewart,  Christine Potts, Jill Robson, Pauline Hawes, Andrew Pickering, Steph Tunstall

Policies, Appeals and Resolutions, Pay Review and Community Links

  • Review annually the Health and Safety policy and the Child Protection/Safer Recruitment policies, and assess the effectiveness of their implementation
  • Review school policies prior to their renewal dates; make recommendations as appropriate to improve and develop these and ensure they are published as required
  • Hear appeals and contribute to the successful resolution of any complaints
  • Review pay and conditions for staff and consider those specifically put forward in writing by the Head Teacher in relation to named staff
  • Reflect upon the information and advice given by the Clerk to the Governors about important matters, implementing recommendations as appropriate
  • Ensure entries on the school web site relating to the role, responsibilities and work of the Governing Body are accurate and up-to-date
  • Oversee and promote further the place and reputation of the school in the local community and the region

Other Responsibilities:

David Ewart

  • has special responsibility for Safeguarding, and Health and Safety
  • reports each term on the school’s Rewards and Sanctions’ policy
  • is responsible for ‘prevent’ oversight,
  • is responsible for overseeing policy and practice related to child sexual  exploitation,
  • oversees arrangements for ‘Looked after Children’.

Aspects for Research

Governors oversee important aspects of the work of the school.

PACC at Durham  David Ewart
Farm, gardens and security Steph Tunstall
Food and domestic Michelle Dunn
Residential Unit and Extended Day  Lynne Jones
Attendance David Ewart
Transport Jill Robson
Behaviour Andrew Waddington
Counter-bullying Margaret Chappell
Transitions  Pauline Hawes
School Council  Jill Robson