Motor Vehicle Studies

MVS is aimed at learners who prefer and respond to 'hands-on' learning.

There is a practical approach to learning and assessment and includes many visual questioning techniques to stimulate and interest learners.

The curriculum, which starts in year 9, covers the following areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities, including codes of conduct & anti-discrimination
  • Customer Rights, including ethics
  • Industry Issues, including professional organisations, and environmental & economic concerns.
  • Social and legal aspects of vehicle ownership and use.

There are two levels of qualification available to students in year 11 and progress between them is seamless depending on the ability of the learner. They may undertake.

1. Award

This Award is ideal for those learners who wish to undertake a qualification which provides a stepping stone to the IMI Entry Level Certificate for the Introduction to Motor Vehicle Industry and Technologies (Entry 3).

2. Certificate

This Certificate is ideal for those learners who wish to undertake a qualification which will support their progress to a Level 1 qualification.  It can also supplement their progress to GCSEs and other appropriate destinations.

Learning and assessment strategies


Assessment and Learning Strategy


Individual assessment

Group assessment

Learning strategy

Knowledge and understanding

·      online external tests

·      structured discussion (recorded)

·      group exercises

·      demonstrations

·      assessorials

·      e-learning

·      blended learning etc.

Skills and competences

·      individual assignments

·      individual projects

·      individual presentations

·      reflective journals/logs

·      observation of performance

·      testimony, reports of others (e.g. peers)

·      practical workshop tests

·      video or digitally recorded evidence

·      group projects

·      group presentations

·    skills workshops

·    simulations

·    role-play

·    case studies


Values and attitudes

·      reflective journals/logs

·      discussion

·      group exercises

·      group presentations

·      peer support