Food Studies


Learning objectives :

Focus on basic practical skills and food knowledge of nutrition and focus on higher level practical skills. Knowledge of nutrition and environmental considerations

Students will learn to make:

  • Fruit Fusion, Pizza Toast, Apple Crumble, Bread Rolls, Cheesy Scones, Falafels, Flapjacks, Pasta Salad
  • Development practical – Muffins, Melting Moments, Bolognaise/Chilli, Macaroni Cheese/Pasta Bake, Stir Fry, Upside Down Fruit Cake, Quiches, Pizza Pin Wheels or Cheese Straws, Breaded Chicken and Dips to include a Dip
  • Development practical - Risotto
  • Student will learn the importance of healthy eating and learn valuable transferable skills for later life.
  • Skill 1 Nutrition, Cooking and Food Preparation,
  • Skill 2 Planning,
  • Skill 3 Method of working
  • Skill 4 Skills in Cooking and Presentation of dishes created,
  • Skill 5 Analyse and Evaluate


The scheme of work is a practical and creative course which focuses on giving students the necessary skills to provide the foundation for the Non-Examination Assessment (NEA) and final examination in Year 11

Topic and Themes:

  1. Food, nutrition and health
  2. Food science
  3. Food safety
  4. Food choice
  5. Food provenance

The content will be delivered throughout the year, topic by topic with end of unit test and homework that will reinforce learning and promote independent learning. Experiments will be conducted and there will also be a NEA task at the end of the Unit.


Qualification title: GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, ELC in Food Studies and Food Safety and Hygiene (L2) Catering.